MaFe hand jointer - for small parts

MaFe hand jointer
for small parts.

The other day I were buying some tools from the, I saw Veritas had made a jig, that made it possible to use their rabbet plane, as a small hand jointer. I don’t have a Veritas rabbet plane, but I do have a beautiful old Record 311, so the rest was just two hours at the workshop, making up a MaFe version for this.

I often make small boxes and especially on these projects, I could use a way to make some perfectly squared up adjustments, on the pieces. Also I just made small planing and shooting boards, so this would complete the setup.

This is what we will be making, a small hand jointer, to put in the workbench vice.

First up was drawing a sketch and do some thinking.

The 311’s shape is scratched onto 5 mm acrylic.

Roughly cut to shape on the bandsaw.

Sanded close to the lines, with the Ozzy.

Adjusted with files.

Until a fair fit is achieved.

Not going for perfect, just a fair amount of contact points.

A fence is made from 5 mm acrylic.

I had some scrap quality plywood, so this was cut to size.

Holes and countersink – plenty.

Like so.

Made a small cut out for the blade, and a hole to show me where it is.

All screwed in place.

So the 311 is held firmly in place.

Here also marking a hole, just over the blade, inside the plane.

Drilling a 6 mm hole.

So a bolt can be mounted, with a washer and a wing nut on top.

Finally a strip of plywood, is mounted under, just glue and brat nails.

We got a hand jointer!

Check for square, here it was perfect.

The test, using a small piece of mahogany.

Ran it over the jointer.

Fine shavings.

Perfect surface, even the photo is a wee out of focus.


Writing notes, so I can remember what it is.
(I’m getting older – laughs).
That’s it a MaFe style hand jointer.

Hope it can be to some inspiration, or even some fine small parts.

Best thoughts,


MaFe vintage architect and fanatical rhykenologist.

Great looking tool. And, a fine bit of engineering. 

Wood is good