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Project #3: Dad's 50th Birthday Present


My dad absolutely loves ducks and really wants one in the back garden. I’m point-blank refusing to let him have one as they are messy and I need the room for the chickens but I won’t object to a wooden one. A friend gave me some old bits of wood she had lying around her back garden and amongst them was a decent sized piece of oak.

I cut the oak down to a more manageable size and did a rough sketch of a duck. I wanted to get a basic feel of the shape and have something to refer to later on when I needed to add detail to the carving.

The shape was coming along quite nicely and although I was scared of messing it up a friend encouraged me to at least add some water marks.

I’m glad I did and after the carving was finished I realised that the excess wood needed cutting off. After it was cut I added a layer of varnish and left it to dry. My dad is happy with it and I will add the finished piece to me creations


Good photo work up. Dads love anything their children are kind enough to make for them.

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Nice work. Your dad should be pleased.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Thanks guys. My dad is thrilled to bits with it and is doing the embarrassing dad thing of wanting to hang it on the wall. No worries though as I’ve hidden all the picture hooks! Yes oak was a lot easier to work with and that weathered piece is very smooth


Thanks I’ll bare that in mind