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New Second Hand Tools #3


I need a bigger biscuit box! I’ve been keeping my carving chisels in an old biscuit box I found in the shed. It isn’t very deep so when a friend gave these to me I decided it’s time to get a bigger box.

I’m entirely grateful for them and for the generosity of everyone who has helped me so far ?


Nice collection of carving tools

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The first most important thing about carving tools is knowing how to keep them well sharpened, so I hope you can do that already, but if not, it’s a good thing to learn that as soon as possible to avoid future frustrations and disappointing results.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Thanks guys. Yes I am aware of sharpening and how the process works. I started out on restoring old billhook blades with a file and some stones, I then transferred those skills to an axe and then onto the carving tools. I might not be an expert on it by any standards but I can make an edge sharp. It’s all been trial and error, I have a book, youtube videos and a couple of friends with advice to go by. So it’s getting there and everyone on here is full of support and encouragement which really helps ?