Cleaning Up The Block Plane: Part 1

I found this in the shed and claimed it before finding out what it was. It’s a remnant of my granddad’s kit and hasn’t really been looked after.

As you can see it has been left to rust and pretty much been forgotten about.

To start with all of the rust needed to come off (well it least as much as I could remove) with some sand paper.

Then the blade needed filing to take off the rest of the muck and smooth out chips (I’m sure you’re not supposed to plane stones!)

It’s looking well so far now just to sharpen the blade. I will write a separate blog when I’ve finished



It’s coming along.

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Thanks for posting. I have a similar one from my Grandpa that needs cleaning up.

This one’s fairly simple to clean up as it’s not too shabby and easy to get to all the nooks and crannies