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hand tools

You know as a seasoned woodworker, for three decades, I just can’t believe how the cost of woodworking tools have gone up. I have a list of hand tools I really would like for the shop ig. clamps, turning tools, new lathe chuck, drill bits Etc.. When a
In my boatbuilding career there was always a need to get the job done quickly and efficiently so power tools were the order of the day except for the few places where they just couldn’t do the job. Final planing on the edges of planking, shaping conca
This is what I have done so far in making my own tools. I have received a lot of inspiration from several of you. Thanks to you all. Center finder and magnet holder for the dial indicator. Marking gauges on the 1000 year old bench hook. Wackers of dif
For a long time there has been a rift in the woodworking world. With technology ever increasing that rift will only grow I’m sure. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the hand tools vs. power tools divide and with new technology on the way
Well, I’m back. Sorry for the brief sabbatical but I’ve been out of town and upon my return I have been completely covered up with work. I’m certain this affects the lives of so many as I’m sure I have an absorbent amount of people just hanging on eve
Here is my assortment of hand tools and most of them I have made myself . I don’t profess to be a hand tool only guy but I love the look and feel of them but power tools like a table saw can’t be beat by a hand tool . Tools have evolved over time and
My interests involve working both metal and wood. Unfortunately, my woodworking space is in the laundry room. Currently a disaster due to the shop reorganization caused by the purchase of another lathe (and its 9 foot long bench) last December. My wif
I’m slowly starting to get a decent bit of kit together and with many thanks to Jack I now have these little beauties to add to it ? They’ve given me the motivation to try out some relief carving that I will blog about separately. I also found this li
A friend recently gave me a bag with a bundle of goodies inside that needed cleaning up. Among them was this Rapier plane that as you can see is looking rather old and warn. I took it a part and had a good look at what work needed to be done before I
My last big project introduced me to 18th century European joinery and really got me hooked on the idea of more complex assemblies that are locked solidly together before any fastenings or glue arrive on the scene. This winter I’m planning to build a
Today, I did good. I found a Millers-Falls Brace almost brand-new and a little hand-crank drill. I also found three tiny carving tools from E.C. Muller in Nevada. My final treasure finds were a 9" Starrett machinist’s scale and a Goodell Pratt 6" scal
I found this in the shed and claimed it before finding out what it was. It’s a remnant of my granddad’s kit and hasn’t really been looked after. As you can see it has been left to rust and pretty much been forgotten about. To start with all of the rus