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The trip to Desolation Sound actually took only eighteen days, due largely to good weather and some scheduling requirements but was an amazing success. Most nights were spent at peaceful anchorages and most days were spent sailing although the motors
One of the greatest things I enjoy as a professional woodworker and remodeling contractor, are the connections that I have with other artisans and craftsmen. By surrounding myself with other artists, it constantly challenges and expands my creative vi
I got inspired by Ianwater’s curved leg picnic table. My wife wants a table outside the entrance for Amazon packages. The roof extends over the entrance so I’m not to concerned about the weather. I bought some oil based enamel to paint it. It should h
We’ve added following three new forums: Woodcarving Scrollsawing Marquetry, Inlay & Intarsia Enjoy.
For those of you who looked at my tea boxes last week, you know I was taking them and a bunch of other items to a show this past weekend. It was an outdoor show in a new venue for us. We set up on Friday night (tent, tables, etc) but didn’t put out an
Like many hobby woodworkers I have always felt that my shop was too small. It certainly isn’t large at 228 sq.ft. My growing dissatisfaction made me give the problem a rethink. I finally realised that my real problem had a lot to do with the lack of b
I find it difficult to just sit in the garden and just stare at plants. My idle hands need something to do. Some folks with that problem have tried various pastimes, like carving, etc., but that kind of work is a little messy. So what to do? Take up K
Surprised at the interest, now the pressure is really on (especially with Huff watching) ;) For me the first order of business is to get the bed hardware ordered so that I will have it in time, and start reading instructions for the dimensions so that
The previous segment of this blog we ended with two arches. One had a lot of creep and the other not so much. I have never cleaned any arched piece that big. Again it is heavy and curved (: Dry run on the jointer with 2 rollers was not good. I needed
As you know, here at the Stumpy Nubs Workshop we like to bend the rules. Something we even break them. But most often we simply create a nasty kink that forever keeps the darn things from lying flat again. Yes, I am a rebel. But rules aren’t really ma
I did a quick dry run with a couple of laminates on the form. I heard crackling. It seemed to me the wood was too dry and the existing stress in the wood was fighting against me. Need some energy, time for Ice cream before the glue up. It is not visib
Cutting the laminate was the most adventurous part of the project so far. As I stated earlier, I used the 4×6 to cut the laminate from. Dimensions: The leg has a base of 3″×3″, And since there will be creeping up and down during the glue up, I decided