Another shop upgrade.  A mobile router table cart with lots of storage.  4 std. drawers, with 2 router bit storage pull outs.
Remember that old Johnny Cash song  One Piece at a Time!?! 
Well this cart resembles that old Cadillac, as it was a scrap wood project.  The base was made from a failed kitchen island build, it also features some hard maple, poplar, black walnut, mahogany, red oak and aspen.  I am sure there are few more species in there as well.    I even got the KREG router lift free, in a round-about way. (nothing illegal, all above aboard)  : )
 The top is MDF coated with 3 coats of shellac and 2 coats of lacquer.
The only immediate out of pocket expense were the castors, the power switch and some "L" brackets.  I have some of that stick on measuring tape on order.
Not a perfect build by any stretch, but I am happy with it.
Good shop upgrade, some great features. You should post this on your project page.

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