September Challenge: Post a new project for a chance to win


First, I’d like to thank Michal for his contribution to WoodworkingWeb in the past years (we still continue moving CakesDecor to the sky together). If you did read my WoodworkingWeb Restart post you know that I decided to commit fully to WoodworkingWe
This is a very special moment for me. It marks a new beginning, or may I say, a second chance. A second chance to truly commit myself to something that drives me deeply. A second chance to handle growth fearlessly. You can read more about turbulent ti
New logo design has been inspired by the era of traditional crafts. It has a vintage yet modern feel to it and it sits boldly in the center of the header area. I even added two supporting texts to it: “CRAFTED WITH PASSION” and “AUTHENTIC CRAFTS”. The
I definitely reignited my vision and passion. I find myself crafting Craftisian during days and evenings without turning back. Like good old first-lines-of-lumberjocks-code days :) It’s exciting. It’s coming soon. I believe you will love it. Here’s a
YOUR ULTIMATE PROJECT PAGE IS HERE After a massive redesign of the project page, the presentation of your projects on Craftisian is second to none. Large Images Image gallery in the spotlight, offering an immersive experiemce. Subtle Colors Polished c
Q: When you first started working with wood, what was your inspiration/goal? My former career was in hi-tech, the computer industry to be specific. Although I embraced the fast-paced challenges, I soon realized something was missing in this work. Havi
Today, Craftisian becomes a place to ask any and all craft questions, seek help and share knowledge. Each question you ask is presented in a beautiful functional design and is fully integrated into your Craftisian profile and activity. Multiple answer
Q: When you first started working with wood, what was your inspiration/goal? My first projects were mostly projects of necessity. I needed a new desk, I had a hard time finding one that I liked in stores, so I decided to build my own. I did this a few
AWESOME NEWS! I’ve launched a brand new version of Craftisian website yesterday. Nothing has been left untouched! There are new project pages, blogs with featured pictures, beautiful profile pages, revamped message central, slick notifications and dis
Craftisian is opening the doors to the crafts of many kinds. This sure is an ambitious step but I believe there should be a place online which multi-faceted as well as single-focused craftsmen may call home. Whatever the craft, the finished project al
Craftisian Awards are back after 5 years. We held the latest "Giving the Gift of Boxes" Awards in January of 2017 with the 15 awesome entries. Now, we are relaunching the revamped Craftisian Awards in a new monthly format. There is no designated jury
Craftisian Collections are an awesome new way to collect and group projects for your inspiration, ideas or showcase. You can add any project (not just yours) to a single or multiple collections. Starting a new collection or toggling existing ones is a