WIP: Remembering Tunisian

With my first crochet project in years completed, it is now time to try and remember how to do #TunisianCrochet “in the round”.

Yesterday morning was all about experimenting and ripping out stitches and doing over. There were a lot of trials!! I remember that I always had difficulties with the firs three rounds and, finally, just crocheted the first rows before changing to Tunisian. That helped but it didn’t solve the memory problem. 

Today, I made it to this stage and I think I’m off and running. The corners are still not right but the big trick to the corners is being consistent. So as long as I’m creating corners in the same way for each corner, for the entire afghan, it will work. It may look unusual but it will be a consistent unusual!!
Oh, and stitch markers are my best friend!!!!
- Debbie

Side story: I wanted to do this afghan in gold and green and, as before, I am using yarn from my stash.

So upstairs I went and selected my gold and green but when I got downstairs, the green I chose was definitely gold. So upstairs I went again, this time double checking the green, reading the label on the wrapper. Check.

Downstairs I went and, what? Gold??

Upstairs for a third time and I gave up on my olive green and chose a different green altogether. Downstairs I went and success!! I now have gold and green… I think.

Lighting really does make a difference! 

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On my list of things to do - try Tunisian Crotchet. It’s been many years since I’ve done any crotchet or knitting. I had to jog my memory on some knitting stitches for a project I’m doing for a Christmas present. 


I’ve been doing a lot of memory jogging!! My goodness, I forgot a LOT 

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit