2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

As I make my way back into the crocheting world, I find myself doing a lot of FROGGING, ripping out rows and rows of stitches, rectifying problems and changing my mind on designs. Rip-Rip-Rip
Rip It Out; Rip It Out; Rip-Rip-RIp ... and do over!

The first emotional response to that is frustration, verging on the edge of anger... but that's only for a second. Knowing that the emotional clutter will most likely create even more mistakes, I have to focus on changing the mindset.
I CHOOSE to rip out my work because I CHOOSE to create the best that I can do.
I CHOOSE to try again; I CHOOSE to "do over".

... and I CHOOSE to learn from this, tucking away the lessons for future crocheting moments. Perhaps the lesson is about the original design elements; perhaps it is about a crocheting technique; perhaps it is about remembering to count!!!

Every mis-take, do-over, is an opportunity to learn and to become a better craftisan - and it's an opportunity to fine-tune my project, ripping out the the parts that I don't like, those elements that will always catch my eye and will probably have me saying "should have". Just do it right in the first place OR choose to leave it "as is" and let go of the emotional baggage.

My "WORK IN PROGRESS" blog is a perfect example: I chose to leave the few rows of the unmatched grey rather than ripping them out. I chose to make an alternative design that I am okay with, that I will forever "see" but I won't be kicking myself for leaving in. Mindset. Choices.

Perfectionist, I'm not. And I'm okay with that! 
~ Debbie

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit


A lot  of superb designs come from so called “mistakes” Love what you are doing Debbie! Looking forward to seeing the finished project 


That is so true, CelticScroller - innovation and discoveries are often from mistakes!!

Thanks for the comment and support. I, too, can’t wait to see the finished product. 

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit