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Had this posted to my blog for a while so I thought I would circle back around and finish up this series of posts. It will eventually get a coat of stain per this customer but future builds of this particular model will most likely have some sort...

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And another recent entry detailing the construction of the lid sections. Each image is captioned with more details of what’s happening in each photo. http://www.victorycoffin.com/blog/pine-casket-build-part-2

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Forgive the blog post of a blog post here but I’ve been away working on new casket build and posting most of the updates on the blog for my coffin making site Victory Coffin Company. This is a link to the first in the series. ...

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Thank you for the Member of the Week recognition! I’m happy to be a part of this woodworking community and among so many talented woodworkers. Michael

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Small shop but I’m still able to get a lot done. Took some time off from projects recently to reorganize the shop and install a dedicated dust collection system. I upgraded a few tools and the shop-vac and it’s separator were no longer keeping...

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Working with reclaimed wood can be very rewarding once the final product comes together. Unless you are purchasing it from someone who has already pulled the nails and cleaned the surface be prepared to put some effort into preparing it for...