Small shop but I’m still able to get a lot done. Took some time off from projects recently to reorganize the shop and install a dedicated dust collection system. I upgraded a few tools and the shop-vac and it’s separator were no longer keeping up. I added a 2hp Grizzly DC with a larger cyclone separator which has helped cut down on cleaning time. I place the DC outside of the shop to cut down on noise but it’s still pretty loud. May eventually relocate it to where I could place some soundproofing around it.


Your shop is small but well organized. You probably don’t work on numerous large projects at the same time though. ;-) I really like your hand tool cabinet.

Thanks for sharing.


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Looks great, very organized.

Very nice. The old saying,“use what you got” and sir you are doing just that. Excellent set up with a very organized space.


Nice Shop.
You designed and organized it well. Pretty clean!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Very clean, well organized

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

New, clean and well organized shop I hope it’s not going to stay that way and see some nice projects being built and posted here !