Fastest hand plane in the world!

Fastest hand plane in the world
 can your hear the sound?
This post is simply to bring a smile.
(Updated with new pictures).

I were looking for a round over hand plane on my shelves of wooden planes and here I found this forgotten beautiful old fellow, don’t even remember where I got it from, but he spoke to me in a wonderful forgotten language of fairytales.

So I took him over to the workbench, took it apart to see if it was at any use, but found that the iron were literally worn out, like in absolutely nothing left.

Started working on another hand plane, but it was like he kept calling for my attention, so I sat down on my shop stool, looked at him and asked my self, what is he saying?

This was where I head him say; In my next life I want to be fast, like a race car, you know one of those with no roof and sexy curves…

Yes, I had to ask my self if I were going mad(s) and I were, but it does not matter, because I also believe in magic and fairytales, so I went to my drawer of nonsense and found some wheels, washers and brass screws, polished him up with some good bees wax and mounted the wheels.

Can you hear the sound?
Listen carefully!

I’m not the only one who believes in magic, if you hear it.

Hope it can be to some wonderful warm smiles on all your faces, he sure made me smile and perhaps one fine day, a grandchild will roll him across the floor and I will hear that wroooommmm has passed on to a new generation.

Big warm smile to you all,

MaFe vintage architect and fanatical rhykenologist.

Love it your ideas and work are always unique and well done.

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I’m smiling!

Amor Vincit Omnia