Soeren Kirkegaard glasses

Soeren Kirkegaard glasses
our distorted reality.

Søren Kirkegaard:
‘My View of life, is utterly meaningless. As I suppose an evil spirit has put a pair of glasses on my nose, whose one glass magnifies by a tremendous scale and whose other glass reduces by the same scale’.

Made this drawing in my sketch book, back then and that image stayed in my mind and I have used it ever since, to remind me that I’m never right and to calm my self, when I meet people who think they are right, or even worse live as if they were, not knowing, the distorted reality we all live in.

Decided it was a good way to start the year, to make a small project, that has a deeper purpose and are made for the joy of it and is absolutely not needed. Something we should all do more often, as we have become slaves of purpose and production today. 

1. Frame.
2. Sketching.
3. Sawing.
5. Details.
6. Laugh!.

Hope it can be to some inspiration, or even better some reflection.
Best thoughts,

MaFe vintage architect and fanatical rhykenologist.

This is fantastic. I saw it in the email digest ad had to check it out.

I love the philosophy behind this!!
And you can be sure that I will be reading this over and over to delve deeper into the wisdom. If only I ad a cool pair is spectacles to give me that clearer vision.

Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

That’s certainly unique, thumbs up!