Sliding 45 Deg Sled

I was bringing back to life a Grizzly table saw that I’ve had buried for about 9 years It was missing everything (wings, fence, blade, washer, nut, plate, dust collector door) I got a fence at a going out of business Woodworkers Warehouse about 8 years ago, some wings at a Grizzly Tent sale.

I setup the blade stops and was ready to make some boxes.

But first I needed a sliding sled.

I’m using a 3/4” piece of Phenolic Plywood 13 layers. The front is 2 X 3” Sapele the back is 1 1/2 X 2 1/2” Sapele. The back is screwed directly to the table surface with 2” stainless screws. The front is bolted on one end and a tempory screw holds the other end until the fence is calibrated at a 90 degree cut then another bolt is inserted at the other end and more screws bring it tight to the Phenolic surface.

I got another piece of Sapele that was the required width to make the jig track flush with the front fence. A third piece of Sapele was attached as a blade guard in the front. Two sliding tracks fit in the table saw slots. The saw cut is a 45 deg bevel.

The fence stops are wooden hinges made with the Incra Hinge Crafter and are attached to the track with brass Toilet bolts and 3 wing knobs. I glued an insert that is tight on the track and keeps the hinge stop from rotating when in use. I made two stops so that one is set for the width and the other for the length. I use the stops on the left of the blade so the first 45 degree cut is made with the hinges in the up position. Then the board is rotated and the knife edge on the cut is off the surface so that it can’t slip under the end stop.

By using two stops it’s easy to make all sides the correct length. One for the width and the other for the length.

The front edge on the stops fit tight against the front fence and is about a couple of thousands long so it slightly lifts the stop when it’s in the down position.

With the 45 degree stop set on the saw accurately I just angle the blade and cut away. everything fits tight.

Wood is good

Very nice sled with a lot of good fetures , Good job. 

-- Soli Deo gloria!

Cool sled and nice boxes, I see you haven't run out of  Ambrosia Maple.

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