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Traditional Jewelry Box

This box I made in 2012 ten years ago. Time really does fly. This box is the last chapter in my book Wooden Boxes, because it is the most difficult to make. Thanks for looking & happy woodworking.  

Dennis Zongker


unique beautiful box, super job. 

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An untraditional traditional !! 

Such detail .. beautiful 

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Your work is so beautiful.  To say the details are amazing is an understatement.  Wow!!
There’s so much to like about this box, Dennis. Also, thanks for mentioning your book. I had forgotten about it, but ordered a copy this morning. It’ll be some nice reading this winter, I’m sure.
The design and construction on this are phenomenal to say the least. Too bad you didn't take progress shots, I'd like to see the details in the making.

Just found your book online, that will have the details.

Thanks for posting.
incredible craftsmanship.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

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I believe I have seen this box before.  All I can say is, it does not get higher echelon that this.  

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It's certainly different!  A guy in our woodie association made one the other year, and showed it at one of our meetings.   He never said where he got the idea from. But given it's unique profiles, I recognised it instantly as I have a copy of your excellent book!!!  
The is an outstanding jewelry box, lovely grains and the details in the build. I need to look up the book to read during the off times in the shop.

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