Antique Table Lamp - Woodworking Project by CNC Craze
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Antique Table Lamp

A lamp is another thing I always wanted to do for myself and decided to match a vase I had done earlier. It was carved with a CNC router and could also be done with a Carvewright. Very easy to do except for those mitered corners that need to be very precise.

Is this an add?

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Well that’s good. I would think it would be tough to sell a woodworking project to a bunch if woodworkers. Kind of like selling ice to Eskimos.

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I was in the wrong section and by the way I only sell my projects to woodworkers that have a cnc router or carvewright machines……they are my customers.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not bashing but rather genuinely curious. Why would someone with the same machine buy your projects when they could make it themselves? Are you selling plans?

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No worry! I’m selling the patterns, meaning that the CNC will carve each side, top and bottom. Once the carving part is done and with my PDF on hand, you start putting in together and do the finish.
I would say that a lot of people that have CNC’s or Carvewright do not know how to design or create patterns (3d software) so they’re very so my projects gives them a chance to build something else than just signs. All they have to do is upload to their machine et voilà!

Got it. Thanks

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wow that’s very cool I would have bet it was ceramic.

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