Mobil Lumber Rack

Mobil Lumber Rack
Mobil Lumber Rack

This rack will hold a lot of lumber in a relatively small footprint. It’s on wheels, but now it’s so heavy that I can barely move it. (I added a lot more after the pix were taken) I need to build a lot more projects that are bigger than a photo frame…


Thats very nifty, i love things on wheels!

I have a few things on wheels, it can be nice if you have the right casters. Hopefully all the lumber doesn’t jiggle around and fall off.

That looks Very handy. I’ll bet you’ll love it for years.

Might As Well Dance :

Nice rack!

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

I like it, haven’t gotten to it but I’ve been planning a similar rack


I’ve moved the thing all over the shop as I try to arrange the various stations. When we moved here, my shop became a catch all for a while, but now, I get closer to a an efficient work flow every week. Haven’t had anything fall off yet, even when I move it in & out the door. Once I get it rolling, I can maneuver it as needed.

I’ve gotta come up with something, for wood storage, as I have lumber scattered around the hangar. I like this rack, as it’s movable and sheet goods are stored in the middle. Haven’t seen that before.

I’m gonna have to do some clearing before, I move forward on this, though.

Good job on this rack!

Keith "Shin" Schindler

Wood storage it’s a real necessity as you wood collection grows,good job.

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