I'm retired from the natural gas pipeline industry, but I've been interested in woodworking and carving for as long as I can remember. I'm far from a craftsman, but enjoy the process. My hobby work is less functional than it is decorative, and the only furniture that I've built over the years are book shelves and outdoor pieces. My paternal grandfather was a carpenter and he was famous for cutting out a three bedroom house, numbering the pieces and stacking it onsite before he ever drove the first nail. My maternal great grandfather was a fiddle maker in east Texas and a wonderful carver. In his later years, he sat on square down town and whittled toys that he then handed to any child that happened by. Both my younger brothers are carvers as well, and both are probably more talented than I, so as you can see, I come from a long line of woodworkers.

I am a retired CPA so outside I play Golf twice a month, and have been building a small wood shop in the garage. I started to carve dogs for friends and found it very enjoyable.

Keep on carving it gets better as you do it.