Dining room table

Made a new dining room table. Made it from 12/4,6/4, and 5/4 Ribbon Stripe Sapele. The breadboard ends are all drawbore even on the company boards. The legs are solid 12/4. The top is 6/4 with haunched tenons. The company boards add 16" on each end. I don't like cutting a top in half to add a leaf. The company boards let me keep the top in one piece. They attach to the ends on two 1 1/2" steel tubes. It's 40" wide and 5'4" long. It's finished with Arm R Seal and Myland's wax polish.


Sweet grain in the table Corelz. Looks like a very sturdy table and the company boards are a nice addition.

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Wow that is impressive Danny!


Nice work, Corelz! I like the idea of the company boards, too.

May you have the day you deserve!

Even if the wood working and the finish wasn't impressive, with grain like that, no one would care.  Beautiful.  

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GR8 JOB 😍😎👍


that is one beautiful table my friend.nice work.

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Great looking table, breadboard ends are a winner.  Nice work.


excellent work

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Sapele is def one of my favorite woods, and here we can see why.

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Smart work!

I agree with not chopping that beauty in half, just too purdy.
Very nice. I used to have a similar walnut one but without the breadboard ends. Similar in that it had company boards as well. It used wood rather than steel supports though.


Thanks for the comments everyone. 
Foghorn I know most company boards are done with wood. I didn't want to store the boards with the long slides. So I get the steel for a can't be beat price. Put threaded inserts on the boards and screw them to the tubes.
Beautifully done. I'm sure it is rewarding to see it in use in your home.  
Beautiful Table, great design and workmanship.

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Outstanding grains patterns, beautiful work Corlez congrats!
Corelz (Danny)

I am a Sapele fan as well.

I did not know "company" boards before you mentioned it.

Really excellent work!


Thanks for the comments. 
Petey Thanks for the insight also on the build.
That is a beauty, Danny. Nice work on it.......................Cheers, Jim

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day