An Amazing train, the details are over the top. That looks like an old ShopSmith, I have a 1973 model I use.

Main Street to the Mountains

Love the timber contrasts in the loco Bruce. 

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Super detailed beautiful piece.

No name noobie here

The talent on this site is out of this world.  Beautiful!
I have two Shop Smiths a1983 set up as a wall mounted drill press

and a 1995 [510] as my floor set up.


Its a good machine to have, fills in where it's needed.

Main Street to the Mountains

I can't remember this one, but he is nice for shure! 


I love the fine details.  I use a similar method for making those small round/tapered pieces.  Whew, I was hoping to find an easier way, lol.

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Another beauty. I can't think of a better disc sander setup than the one on my ShopSmith!
i really like

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Wheel making jig with the SS drum sander.
It starts with an adjustable router jig mounted to a sliding table.


Looks like a very useful jig.

Main Street to the Mountains

Set the SS up like pictures 3 and 4 Then make all your fine adjustments with the router adjusters.
You can now put  the wheels one at a time over the dowel and turn and they will all be the same
and by making small adjustments you now have super fine  adjustability.


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