Battery charger station caddy holder shelf dealiewhacker

Shop time is scarce with 3 young boys to look after at home.  I had some quality me time this weekend and got out there to do something... anything.  I started looking at my shop problems and my scrap pile and the rest is what you see in the pics!

My chargers have no holes for screws for wall mounts.  I was envisioning something like a power strip has on the backside.  Nope, nothing.  Is this normal?  Wonder why. I had to get creative to put them in the wall.

I shaped some 2x4's to fit the bottom sides of the chargers.  Band saw, spindle sander.  Then I came up with some clips to secure them in from the top.  I even took the time to round over all the touchable surfaces.  Super fancy!

The shelf was also just whatever my scraps would dictate.  Although the triangle braces underneath got a little butchered between the pocket holes and the cord pass-through.  Holds nice and firm tho.

No glue, all screws so I can move things around or change chargers if I ever get different brands of stuff.  In the end, not the prettiest, but easy on the hands and super convenient.  Maybe it'll inspire someone else to get out there and make something :)