Dust collector vacuum guage

A simple, low cost way to measure the pressure of your dust collector system,   I probably have $2 investment in it and it is used almost every time I turn on the dust collector.   It will indicate a forgotten gate left open or a plugged line somewhere.
Simply a tube with some water in it (I used some food coloring for a visual aid).
The photos show 1) system turned off   2) one gate open  3) all gates closed.
Technically it is called a manometer and has something to do with the sea level...........   whatever.  I've been using it for about 20 years and have forgotten the original source,  certainly not me.


Clever.  My radon system has  something similar, but coast a lot more!

Carey Mitchell

Nice! I would think it would also let me know if the collector is getting full.
Good thinking. Albert!

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Thanks for sharing... it's tips like these that makes our non techo lives easier...

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Nifty Idea Albert.

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Thanks for the comments.    
Steve,  Interesting point but I think it is measuring pressure not airflow so I am not sure it would detect a filled filter.  Probably not.  Could you let us know,  I don't have a filter, I just blow the dust outside.


Nice and simple Albert, couldn't ask for more functionality, easy to read, out of the way, and after learning the signals you have a way to stay on top of your DC.

Excellent idea and thanks for posting!
Well as much as I want to avoid it I have to say "That Sucks"
But what about that pencil sharpener ! .... what was your address again?

Regards Rob