Mid-Century Modern End Table With Floating Cabinet Prototype

I'm considering building some Med-Century Modern end tables so I built this prototype. It's built out of baltic birch, the carcass. Douglas fir for the drawer and draw front that came from a pallet I've been dragging around with me which seems like forever. I used Mahogany for the legs and leg frame and the pull and red oak for the back of the box and bottom of the drawer.

Since I never built anything with leg angles like this, it took a little while to figure all the angles which are all the same and are approximately 17 degrees I set on my miter saw.

The Legs and Frame are joined with dowels. I had to make Jigs to match the angles. I used a table saw angle jig on the band saw to cut the tapers on the legs.

White pine edge veneer is glued to the front and back of the baltic birch which I cut on the table saw.

All woods are from scraps I had or scavenged from a wood shop next to my work.
The finish on the cabinet, legs, pull and drawer front is spray on poly from Min-Wax and for the drawer I used boiled linseed oil.

The finished carcass will be 20” wide by 12” high by 18” deep. The legs will be 21” wide at the base and by 16”high and  16” deep. These dimensions may change.

Any comments or critiques are welcome.
Looks like you accomplished your task with the prototype, well done. The legs are sexy and like the floating effect of the case on this.

Main Street to the Mountains

It looks well done. Good prototype.
Looks nice! Looking forward to seeing the real product:)

No name noobie here

Nice prototype!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Thanks RyanG. If I decide to make another I probably will enlarge the base.