Shut the Box Game (first build)

Back in 2018 I built my first version of Shut the Box. This build was part of a gift exchange with my brother and his wife.

The theme of this exchange was to create using something that had belonged to our parents. I chose to use parts from their electric organ. It is next to impossible to find a buyer for one of these and it was destined for the dumpster.

I made use of the switch paddles and speaker cloth. Actually the rod that holds the paddles came from the organ as well. I bought the stick on numbers at a craft store. The wood is from locally harvested cherry.

I made two sets and kept one pair. The other pair was the gift.

There are no build pictures on this project which makes for a short post!


Really nice Steve and a cool way to use up some of that organ.  I like mine better though 😉
Yeah, the smaller size is much better. I'm going to need to make a smaller set for myself!
Nice build and nice way to incorporate family memories
Looks great!

Ryan/// ~sigh~ I blew up another bowl. Moke told me "I made the inside bigger than the outside".

Nice looking and the self storage is a plus.   Be fun to play.   


Great build.   Fun game.  I never win!
Thanks for the comments!
Corelz - It is nice to remember when playing this
Scrappile - If you mean flip over all the numbers I have never won either. If you mean get a better score than my opponent then I'm about 50/50
I've beat my opponent 100% of the time. (I've always played alone 😉)
Nice save from the dumpster Steve, the wood is beautiful.

"Duck and Bob would be out doin some farming with funny hats on." chrisstef

I have been wanting to build one of those.
Nice job and I like the family story too.


 Those are beautiful games and it is s good job of recycling. When I do it I call it scrounging for material!!
 I like the way you put in side boards to catch the rod with the flippers . I built a couple and had to assemble the box and rod and flippers all at the same time. This is a smarter Idea and I think I'll use it if I build any more

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day