Two Bluebird Houses in Pine

These are two Peterson Style Bluebird Houses I made in Pine.  More details on this style of birdhouse can be found in my other posts.  These two were burned using the Japanese Sho Sugi Ban technique to make them more rot-resistant.  They were stained in Gunstock and Golden Oak, and then I applied spar urethane for added protection  Their Mounting Brackets (intended to be mounted on either a fencepost or tree) were made in Eastern Red Cedar.


Looks good.
I thought the insides are supposed to be raw, natural wood?
Yes, good point, they should be.  Since these were made of Pine, I wanted to give them some added protection, and I made sure they were completely dried before they were set up outside.  If I make any of these again, I'll likely go with Cedar (possibly using Sho Sugi Ban and a food-safe oil on the exterior) and leave the interior untreated.


I made a couple using air-dried Florida Cypress and left them natural.

I’ve got some air-dried poplar which has some bugs in the wood and I’m thinking I’ll make some boxes from that wood too.
I can put them far enough away from any houses and I wonder if having food in the wood will be an added bonus for the visitors.