Norfolk Island pine bowl

Norfolk Island pine bowl


Very interesting wood pattern.

looks great.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

That’s really beautiful. Do you think the knots will stay in place? How did you finish it?

Losing fingers since 1969

Wonderful wood to work with. Can only turn green and within 2 to 3 weeks of cutting. The knots catch the eye and tend to be stable with some CA glue. Tricky sanding wet, but when oiled can wet sand to finish. The finish is 1 part BLO, 1 part oil poly and 1 part paint thinner for the first 4 coats until it stops soaking in. Then the rest is Tung oil. Thanks for your comments.

nice bowl , the natural grain makes it stand out


Wow, all so very special. Excuse my ignorance, what is BLO?
I have some instrument cutoffs Koa, and am trying to figure out how to finish them.
Steve Tow

Steve Tow

Beautiful wood,nicely done.

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