Mahogany bookcase

Mahogany bookcase

Thought I’d throw this out there, I’ll add some better pictures when I have a chance.

This is a mission style solid mahogany bookcase I built for a client. The finish is multiple coats of tung oil over watco Danish oil.

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Another view.

The top is 1 3/4" thick, with a bevel to lighten it’s appearance. Aside from some screws attaching the back and top, all other joinery is mortise and tenon.

Artisan Woodworks of Texas-

Very nice Bill. How is the center shelf supported? What type of maintenance does a tung oil finish require? Could it be waxed?

Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!

Thanks guys.

The center shelf is supported on either end by notches in the legs and spindles. There are also several screws from the back. The finish is actually Homer Formby Tung Oil which, oddly enough, actually isn’t tung oil but a wiping varnish. It can be a pain to apply because it takes multiple coats to build a sufficient finish, but I like the final outcome. Wax would be appropriate for the top, but I’m not sure about the shelves. I don’t know how the wax finish would handle books sliding back and forth.

Artisan Woodworks of Texas-

I love the spindles going into that curved apron…very sweet and I suspect a bit challenging but …well done!

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

The mortises were simple, set deep mortises before cutting the curve. The challenge was getting the shoulders of the tenons to fit the curve. The process was pretty straight forward. With the upper and lower stretchers in place, each spindle was marked and the shoulders chiseled in.

Artisan Woodworks of Texas-

Wow Bill this is gorgeous!
I liked your comments on Jims review, and
had to like you just on your business
But DANG! Look at this beautiful work!
Thanks Steve Tow

Steve Tow

Thanks Steve, I really enjoy what I do.

Artisan Woodworks of Texas-

Beautiful bookcase Bill.

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