Low entertainment console

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Low entertainment console with solid cherry top, finished in white lacquer. This is a custom design that includes 3 drawers, fully adjustable shelving, and hidden remote control sensors.

Artisan Woodworks of Texas- www.awwtx.com


Your cabinet is really lovely! Did you turn, flute, and split those corner columns? Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks L/W. The corners are made of commercially available mouldings. It is actually 3 pieces. The top and bottom pieces are transition blocks and the reeded center is a moulding with 45 degree back edges. They are also available in stain grade woods.

Artisan Woodworks of Texas- www.awwtx.com

This looks great. I love these IR extenders. I put one under my TV and put all the gear in the basement with wires in the wall. This has to be the greatest invention for TV since the flat screen was introduced.

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Nice clean build Bill.

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