hidden step stool

hidden step stool
hidden step stool

When I remodeled my kitchen, a couple of years ago, I had about 6 or 7 inches to play with between a corner cabinet and my stove. I could have just made the corner cabinet a little wider on one side, but didn’t realize I was going to have this extra space. It was the only cabinet I did not copy the sizes off of the old one. Also, our new cabinets, that I made went all the way to the ceiling. Because of our small kitchen, we took out the spacer between the old cabinets and the ceiling and made the new ones go all the way up, giving us an extra shelve on each cabinet. So now we needed access to a step stool, in close proximity to the cabinets. Thus, I made a hiding storage for the step stool, out of that extra space.



Thats clever, great use of space.


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Sweet & Smart!

Joe Fiore

Good thinking Lee

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