My first roll top.

My first roll top.
My first roll top.
My first roll top.

This was birthday present for my youngest daughter. Ash with cherry accents. Used the Amana router bits for the tambours, finished with Watco medium walnut and wipe on poly.


What a great project! I like tambour doors very much, and it’s on my list to learn how to do. This is a very nice project, and I’ll bet your daughter loves it.

Might As Well Dance :

That is sweet. Man, there are a lot of slats there. You must have some serious focus.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

I can’t even imagine all those slats. Great job!

Thank you. There are 41 tambours counting the handle. The bits make two at a time and I had 2 crack while routing. It was a fun 6 weeks making it. She liked it so it was worth it.

Very nice desk! Are those tambour bits hard to use? Do you need to make a jig for safety reasons? I’m considering making a desk with a roll top – like the one our family had when I was a kid. I learned how to type on Dad’s manual typewriter on that desk.

No they are quite easy. Feather boards both upper and lower are needed as well as a good push stick. It is a three bit set that can only be used in a router table. A video comes with the bits.

Wonderful gift she had to love it.

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