DC Custom Ice Chest


I make custom Ice chest for a hobby. I try to make the chest to represent more of a piece of furniture than just gluing and screwing a bunch of boards together. Some customers have used their custom chest as part of there décor in their house. Other customers like to put them outside on the patio to hold their favorite beverage. With the wood around the Ice chest, helps to keep the ice frozen for several days. Here in Texas, that is a challenge with 100 plus days. I am sharing one of my favorite chest that I made for my Denver fan.



Nicely done, great piece!

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

Another great chest.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Good one to display, at least it’s a decent team. Very well done, love the creativity.


looks great I am a bronco fan how much you charge for one


That looks interesting .
Would love to see more construction details .


The Bronco chest would sell for $275.00. You can see more of my chest on Facebook. ..DC Custom Ice Chest


Really nice work I make them myself but igloo doesn’t make the cooler I used anymore. what cooler are you using?

I use the igloo 48 and 52 qt cooler. It a struggle to find them. I will buy the store out when I do find them. I have used the new style 48, but I have to drill my drain. Igloo has a little better insulation than colman. What do you use?


Last time I used the igloo 48 marine cooler but no drain so I had to drill it out. but I don’t think there is as much support. when I tighten up my drain it doesn’t seem to be as tight as when the cooler had a drain. I use a boiler drain on the outside. I make a plastic nut with a washer for the inside. I have seen the 48 igloo at sports authority. I bought the 48 marine at Big lots $30.00

Love the look of the cedar where are you getting your cedar. I use dogear fence pickets from Home Depot they don’t sell it in cedar here in NJ

Buy most of my wood from lowes some from friends lumber yard.


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