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Solid Maple TV console with Shoji Screen inspired doors

This is a TV console cabinet I built in maple. The doors were inspired by Shoji Screens and contain 368 parts in just the construction of the 2 doors. This one was a fun build and is pre wired with a multi port surge protector and an infrared repeater so that the components will work when the doors are closed.

-- John Clark Jr, Clark Fine Furniture

368 parts just in the door, That must have been a lot of work.

It does look great!

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Nice build a super looking console,must be a typo the doors look like they have about 60 parts each?

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

A1jim, no typo. The doors have a half laped grid, the grid opening has molding pieces on the inside to catch the panels, a panel in every opening, then 4 moulding pieces on the outside. One door has 20 panels, 149 trim moulding pieces, plus the 11 parts making up the grid, 2 stiles and 2 rails for 184 parts in one door.

-- John Clark Jr, Clark Fine Furniture