Barrister Bookcase

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I built this barrister bookcase for my parents. Its made of solid quartersawn white oak and features brass hardware.

Pretty clean build.
It looks really nice.
Is it from plans or plan as you go?

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Very nice! Great job! Did you include a parallel mechanism, and if so, what type? I’ve researched these a little bit recently waiting to here back on a commission with a barrister type door, which is why I ask. I’ve seen a couple types, from the scissor type mech (easier) to a band and pulley type mech (more complicated), to just the barrister slides from Rockler. I’d love to hear what you used, and how its working out. Thanks for sharing!

Very nice! I’d like to do one of these in the future, but I’ve heard that the doors are tricky. Thanks for sharing.

Thats a beauty and looks so well made .

Oh HECK yeah! I made a similar project with White Ash and love it! You done well! I love it. I promise that I will at some point use 1/4 sawn oak for a similar project. I promise! Well done!


Very clean build Ken super looking book case.

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