cherry end tables

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Built a pair of these cherry end tables. All Solid cherry with dovetailed hard maple drawers. Take that IKEA!! Lol

Really, take that Ikea!

Beautiful. It will probably last much longer Than ikea stuff plus you made it.

Great job!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


A really attractive table! The cherry is especially lovely.


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Ikea don’t got nothing on this! Very nice job. I love the look of these tables.

Yeah. IKEA is definitely par for the course in a throw away, in style then out of style society. Woodworkers do not manufacture furniture we make family heirlooms. Classic lines NEVER go out of style. I think that’s what we strive to do. Classic style built to last generations. Nothing could be more satisfying than to think that my great grandchildren will use my furniture after l’m long gone. Keep building my brothers and sisters of the wood fraternity.

Very attractive indeed! Got any build notes/tips and/or images to share as well? The inquiring minds want to know!


Beautiful a super build.

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