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Cherry Dresser for my Granddaughter

Cherry Dresser I built for my Granddaughter to match the bed I just finished. Both the bed and dress is made from solid Cherry I harvested a few years back for the banks of the Tennessee River lots where I live.
Hannah chose the design and the color which is English Chestnut.
The finish is 1st. a coat of lacquer sander sealer followed by multi coats of clear Satin Lacquer wet sanded with 500 grit sandpaper and a final top coat of clear satin Lacquer again.
The drawer pulls are Antique Brass 1-1/2” knob with a 2-1/2” back plates. The top of the Dresser measures 65 ½” X 21” and stands 46” tall with 10 drawers.
The bottoms of the two bottom drawers I did in Eastern Red Cedar which is a natural repellent for moths, thus a safe storage for Wool sweaters Etc.
The top two drawers have the pulls milled in the bottom out of site but very functional. I also installed dust panels between all the drawers to seal each compartment.
I always try to incorporate a geometric layout technique to size the drawers, graduating from large at the bottom to small on the top to enhance the eye appeal. {The Golden Ratio} There are variations of ratios you can use these drawers are from the bottom 1” smaller as you ascend.
The joinery is Mortise and Tendon on the case with half blind Dove Tails on the drawers. The end panels float in their grooves for explanation purposes. Thanks for looking.

-- -- Soli Deo gloria!

That is incredibly beautiful. What a fabulous heirloom bedroom suite Hannah has. Everything about it is perfect … workmanship, design, finish. Will there be even more matching pieces?

Thanks for sharing.


P.S. The scenery is enviable as well!

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Thank you! Yes, the Lord willing I plan to build a bedside stand to match it will have three drawers the top one will also be incorperated in the cove trim with a pull out shelf under the top drawer for drinks,cell phone whatever. Have a Blessed day.

-- -- Soli Deo gloria!

Very nice work

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Nice addition to the bed . They will be passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms . Something to be very proud of .

-- Wheaties


-- Jonathan

Thank you all very much!

-- -- Soli Deo gloria!

This is a real work of art. Every aspect of this build is spot on. Love it.

Thank you very much you all are so gracious.

-- -- Soli Deo gloria!