Hot wheels Garage with roll up door


Seen a version of storage for hotwheels and added to it figured whats a garage with out doors ,Thanks to all the replies and suggestions for the door,I built this in two pieces first part was the storage itself simple two section box 6 inchs deep then glued together the tubes (central vacum tubing) perfect size for the cars .Then I built the outside to house the Tambor I had to build a Jig to glue the slats together (used the Duck Clothe ) Then glued screwed them together a bit of paint and I added the wheels as after thought for the kids to be able to move easier ,found I had to wax the groove and the slats Now I have to build 3 for Christmas

looks great Bill.

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The garage looks great! Did you get the automatic garage door opener installed? LOL


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Cool project!

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