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Grandfather clock

Grandfather clock

When I was asked if I could build a grandfather clock, I thought, why not. It was to be a surprise gift for the clients wife for Christmas and I started milling the oak on Dec 6. I had to wait till I had the movement as everything I read said not to start till one has the movement. The clock was delivered on Christmas Eve. This certainly was an interesting build and I did learn a few things along the way. It was very nice to hear the clients wife was very surprised and pleased with it. Happy new year to you all and I look forward to the one ahead.

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Nice Clock, good docementation I like the building progress pixs.

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Great looking grandfather clock.

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Very nice. There was an older man who lived down the street from me who had taken a community college weekend course to build a grandfather clock; it’s a surprisingly complex project!

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Incredible. These things used to be fairly ubiquitous. Both of my grandparents had one. I think there was a time when they became fashionable. I think they are still fashionable. Nothing like the chime they produce. Yours is gorgeous.

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