Christmas gifts 2016


Well now that Christmas has come and gone, I can share the project that we (my daughter and I ) created for 2016. She asked that we make them early this year as she is a pastry chef and gets very busy at Christmas. So we did them in October and put them aside till Christmas. In the summer when we go canoeing together we discuss and decide what we will build. So we thought that everyone could use a nice wooden waste basket. We used some scraps of 1/4" cabinet ply that I had leftover from the years projects and when I ran out I had to use a nice full sheet of quartersawn white oak ply to finish. We made 33 this year for our family and friends. We used some nice 3/4" copper square nails from Lee Valley to connect the plywood bottoms and give a nice detail. They are all finished with wipe on poly. Great fun as always to build with my daughter make gifts. We picked up the plastic liners from Ikea
( really cheap $1.75 ea.) We had quite a nice response from everyone and around half of the people thought it was a planter. We said they could use them for whatever they please.
Cheers to you all, my fellow woodworkers and Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your loved ones.

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Neat project, great idea.

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I like them great job.

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Looks great. Turn one upside down and make it a lampshade. ;-)

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Super job. I like that you and your Daughter work together. My daughter and I restored a 1981 Camaro , it was fun working together.


I love this: “In the summer when we go canoeing together we discuss and decide what we will build”

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These are really nice. It’s great that you and your daughter take the time to do projects together.

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