Free Standing Pantry


Wow this was a handful. Quater sawed white oak, everything milled down to 3/4". Because of its weight I had to build it on my tortion top table lying on its back.the first time it got stood up is where you see it. This is my first time doing inset doors and I have a lot of room for improvement. The drawers are 3/4" hard maple. I made the crown molding on my table saw. Cut the glass for the top doors. I used full extension slides. I have 3 air craft cables going into studs & attached to the cabinet just in case a child decides to use the drawers as steps. Better safe then sorry. Trans tint stain,then shalac,then gel stain,then 3 coats of wipe on lacquer. I would have preferred to spray it but I couldn’t move it to my spray room. The only help I had was when four guys carried it up stairs. On 3/16/2017 I had a heart attack and had a stint put in. But I’m already back in my shop a starting on my next project new front door. The end.

Ps. The drawers are dove tailed on all four corners.

That is nice! *I like the big Table saw cove molding. You are so right solid Oak gets heavy quickly. A job well done.

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Beautiful and useful build Bill. Really like the oak grain, nice job.


very nice Bill

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Very nice work, Bill! And glad to hear you’re ok! Be well!

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