A couple of my creation


I made these desk and had them listed on a different web sight. The desk are made from genuine mahogany . My friend Steven Mines turned the legs on the roll top I made. The flat top desk has bubinga inlay on the legs, I made these for my grand kids. Just thought I would show you a few of the things I made.


these are beautiful — that desk is stunning!

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Beautiful!! Lucky grand kids :)

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I agree with MsD. Stunning.

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Very impressive Bill,fantastic build.

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Amazing talent you have . Very impressive work .


Beautiful work Love the two desk -outstanding.

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You certainly have some impressive work! Thanks for sharing and welcome to WWW.


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Very nice, wonderful workmanship.


Beautiful workmanship and design. Well done.

Amazing craftsmanship! Great job.

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You are, obviously, a craftsman of the first caliber. Beautiful.

Beautiful builds Bill, such talent!! Congrats on editors choice.


You are all so kind, thank you for your kind words. We are all so lucky to have been bitten by the woodworking bug.

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