Bow Front Bar


This one was a head scratcher! Built out of #2 white oak. The front radius is 63 1/2" the two ends have a 13 1/2" radius. Radius moldings and radius twisted moldings that were hand scratched using the shaper knife in a jig. The big cove mold at the top is brick layed and then hand shaped. The rails and base were also brick layed and then skinned with 1/16" thick material. Around 350 build hours in this one.

I'd rather be covered in sawdust

Wow Les
Not everyone could pull this off, but you do cool builds all the time,great job and beautiful to boot.

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Whatever the mind can conceive, Les Hastings can build!

You never cease to outdo yourself. Each time you show a new project, we always wonder “what will be next?”

Your workmanship is outstanding. Your client has to be thrilled.


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Wow is right. Really fine job!

Very impressive job . Had to take a lot of skill and precision .


That is another amazing feat of woodworking and one that would leave most mortal woodworkers wondering how you did it. I am a big fan of your work and this is another exceptional piece.

Doing the best I can with what I've got