Monthly Book Giveaway - March 2023

I’m a retired graphic artist, I grew up in Westchester County, NY and moved to KS in '93.

I love cars (awsum55 is my license plate on my 1955 Chevy 210), I also have a 1963 Corvette convertible. I get bored easily and jump from one interest to another but wood working and cars have stuck with me for a large part of my life.

I'm old and I don't like change, especially when it is worse than what preceded it.

"The Answer Is Blowin'n In The Wind" John D

Hope you like it here,  thanks for checking us out.

Figuring out how to do something you have never done is what makes a good challenge.

Welcome to the other side.

Main Street to the Mountains

Thanks guys, better late than never.

"The Answer Is Blowin'n In The Wind" John D

A lot of Us have been migrating our projects and blogs over. I have been copying the text into a Word document first them posting to here adding photos from my hard drive, if you try to transfer photos, they end up being grainy.

You are invited to join the current swap Box Swap 2023 listed in the forum, it's a fun time.

Main Street to the Mountains

Thanks Eric, sounds like a lot of work, but I'm sure it will be worth the effort.

"The Answer Is Blowin'n In The Wind" John D

Hi Awsum55. I had a '55 convertible was my second car. ...Cheers, Jim

Cheers, Jim ........................ Variety is the spice of life...............Learn something new every day

Welcome to the site.  I am liking it so far.  


daveg, SW Washington & AZ