Trophies for Local Cub Scout Pack


Had some fun with a local Cub Scout Pack Leader this past January designing and creating these trophies for their Pinewood Derby races. Thank you to our local Lowe’s for donating the lumber and a special thanks to Aaron F. for providing a second set of hands in the shop.

In a world of anger and strife, it is good to know there are still many-many good people out there. Good fellowship with those who are not necessarily knowledgeable in woodworking and teaching the craft.

These trophies sparked some interest in our youth in the art of woodworking. I’ve had a phone call from some youngsters already and look forward to working with them.

More and more woodworking is becoming mechanized and some of the hands-on techniques are being lost in the process. Please …. if you have the talent and time … TEACH OUR CRAFT TO OTHERS.

Anthony you are a true inspiration with your skills, your wonderful outlook on life and your willingness to introduce the youth to this wonderful thing we all love. The Trophies are beautiful. Thank you for all you do.


Nice Trophies. Good on you getting the kids into play.


Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

That’s great supporting cub scouts.

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