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When my daughter was only three, twenty years ago, we went to one of Sydney beautiful beaches. She started collecting colorful stones, soon my wife and I joined her just for fun. But deep inside my mind I was planing for something to put woodturning and stones together…’Another crazy idea, Sam’, I said to myself.
Less than a week after, when Ashley lost interest in her collection, the plan was already on paper and some wood was selected.
This was the result. A 750mm tall wooden vase decorated by colorful stones.
The solid timber which’s used here is unknown furniture timber imported from USA and some plywood, flatly and vertically laminated. Behind the stones in both upper and lower levels, there are thin cylindrical tube to hold them by Good Grip, a glue like used for tiling. Timber and stones were sprayed with clear wattle.


Hey Sam – I like how the stones fit in the design.
Just wondering – didn’t you post thumbnails for 2nd and 3rd picture? Click on the large picture to open the “Slideshow” and you’ll see how small they are.

-- -- Michal, http://WoodworkingWeb.com


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