Thank you Florence


We live in south eastern North Carolina. A few years ago when Florence came through we lost a lot of trees. I tried to salvage the pecan by rough cutting slabs with my chainsaw. Foolish I know but my determination was strong. This is just a simple coat rack but it works for us. I learned that pecan is a true hard wood and it will dull a chain quickly. I used a spokeshave to get a lot of the rough stuff off and then sanded it. Finished with a simple wood wax


Oh my :(
sorry for the devastation…. but out of the damage came this!

I love it; love the look of it and the story behind it.

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The story of that piece should be attached to (or woodburned into) the back of the board so the story can live on.


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There will be more to come. The wood has dried out enough I believe