Engagement Ring Box


I made this walnut ring box for proposing to my wife in October 2018. I actually got lucky with the little live edge side. I cut into a thick piece of figured walnut and there happened to be a void right at the perfect spot and it turned out so cool! I cut off the lid, drilled out the center, and then used magnets in each corner of the base and the lid which allows for a box with continuous grain and no hardware showing.


What a beautiful way to present the ring!


talk about special! !!!! DANG.

and beautiful. What a keepsake.

Ummm and you got a YES, correct? ;)

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Yes! She did say yes. And she keeps this box displayed now, pretty cool!


Wonderful Gift and presentation something she will always remember with Joy, Great job.

-- Soli Deo gloria!

Glad she said yes ,cool box.