Filigree hummingbird theme

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Keith Fenton’s Filigree Hummingbirds were the inspiration for these projects. The hummingbirds for the napkin rings were cut from maple with the ring cut from mahogany. I used bamboo chopsticks for the shafts and small pegs purchased form the dollar store for the place holders. The hummingbird was cut on the scroll saw and the ring on the table saw with the hole drilled using a forstner bit.
I used one of Steve Good’s patterns for the vase and resized one of Keith’s humming bird patterns for the overlay. The front panel of the vase is mahogany and the side and back panels basswood. The hummingbird is another type of mahogany. The whole vase with overlay was cut on the scroll saw.


Beautiful and very imaginative. I must thank you for the inspiration with the Celtic knots as I have done some trivets and have been asked to demonstrate the carving at a Celtic Festival this weekend.

Thanks Kepy. I would love to hear how the Celtic Festival goes.


They look great! Certainly a clever use for them. You can only fit so many ornaments on a tree! :)

Scroll saw patterns @

Thanks Keith. Your patterns always inspire me!


Wow! These are really neat! Leslie and I feed hummingbirds year-round here in south Texas, and right now we have 50-60 sucking down our sugar water, BUT NOT at the dinner table! Great job!


Thanks Mike. We get hummingbirds that stick around all year as well. I have two regulars who fight over territory!


Very fine work great job.

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