Celtic Pendants and Stand


I’ve been playing around with some jewelry recently and came up with these celtic pendants. I cut the the design out on the scroll saw first and then carved in the knotwork. In the top two pendants on the stand, I burned in the details. ( I prefer the carved knotwork but was running out of time to carve them all) I added hot fix rhinestones to all the pendants. Since I am going to submit these to a wood carving show I wanted a stand to display them. I used Steve Good’s easystand pattern cut on a scroll saw and then carved in the knotwork details. The stand is basswood and the pendants, mahogany and maple. I soaked everything in Danish oil and then lightly sanded before applying Minwax finishing wax.
Thank you for looking.




The stand as well as the pendants are all really lovely! The carving and scroll-work are excellent.


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Intricate work! Very nice.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

beautiful .. and LOVE the stand!

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Very cool! It sure looks time consuming carving those knots, for sure. But Boy, they do look great!


Wow! Those are very beautiful.

Beautiful work. I had thought about doing some Celtic trivets but hadn’t worked them out. You just gave me some great ideas.

Thank you all for your very kind comments. Celtic work is my favourite design to work on. It is time consuming to carve however using a scroll saw to cut the basic outline helps the process.


I hadn’t seen these before. Sorry I missed them. You do beautiful work with your scroll saw. With all the other things I have going, these make me wish I had one! Lovely pieces.

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Thank you Barb. I was taking a look at your blog and website this morning. Beautiful pieces.


Beautiful work! I look forward to seeing more…

Wonderful work.

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Thank you Jim. You may have noticed a Celtic theme in a lot of my work ;)


So cool!

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Those all turned out beautifully.