Fumed utility table in American Oak and recycled English Oak and walnut

Fumed utility table in American Oak and recycled English Oak and walnut

Colour was achieved through fuming oak with ammonia (utilising an ammonia gas tent). Taking cues from the arts and craft movement, while utilising my own inspirations, notably the profile of an iconic watch, the Seiko Samurai. Joints are a combination of mortise and tenon drawbore pinned and wedged through Mortise and tenons.

What a unique combination of A&C with a Japanese flair. Very well done.


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I like both A&C and Japanese ,this is a wonderful peice .

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Nice work. I’ve played with fuming and gotten greys, not reddish brown. What did you do? Also, how did you emboss the stars?

Hi QSWO, I fumed for 12 hours using 26% ammonia and then finished in Osmo. No stain. Before I put the Osmo on the timber was kinda green but it just popped as soon as the clear oil went on.
Regarding the embossed stars I literally dampened the wood and gently punched them one by one and then went over it again. I dabbled with ink stamping, carving and branding but this gave the best indentation and shadow. The fuming seemed to penetrate the pattern well too.

Wow I really like this. It has a great design that is both unique and classic. Well done. Love the joinery.

By far the nicest “utility table” I have ever seen! Such a graceful piece! Both influences are there, and they compliment each other. Love the through M&Ts. Congrats on a wonderful job!

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